VISION STATEMENT At MVA Photography, we are dedicated to striving for excellence and professionalism in photography, while honouring the trust clients place in us to preserve and celebrate life’s treasured moments. MISSION STATEMENT As passionate and skilled visual collaborators, Vanecia and Michael Austria embrace opportunities for creativity through their photography. Dedicated to developing a personal connection with each subject they photograph, they are able to work together professionally, spontaneously and skillfully, offering services tailored to each client’s personal need to capture their special moments forever. PROFILE STATEMENT Photographers Vanecia and Michael Austria are passionate about preserving treasured memories. Like magicians, they quietly observe life through their lens and capture the real moments that others miss. MVA Photography is dedicated to working closely with each client as co-creators to provide the finest professional images. IDENTITY STATEMENT Vanecia and Michael Austria are experts at noticing what others may miss. They listen and see with their eyes more than we can imagine, and share this highly tuned visual gift through their art of photography. They are passionate about capturing life’s treasured moments, telling others’ stories through images, and working with each client to ensure the photographs are as individual as are each memorable experience. .

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